Best Blog Nomination!

by chris — Posted in Enjoyment, Tea Musings on April 9, 2015

It has been a while since the Voice of Tea was heard, but wanted to announce that we’ve been nominated by the World Tea Expo for the best blog! I hope they’ll take into account all the effort I’ve put into it in the past and not merely judge that blog entries have been pretty Read More

Tea Recipe: Irish Chai

by chris — Posted in Recipes on March 11, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time for a new tea cocktail recipe! My newest is inspired by the classic Irish Car Bomb, sans the bombing (always made things a bit messy, in my humble opinion) – and, of course, with the cheerful addition of tea!  Read More

Tea Recipe: Green Tea Basil Gimlet

by chris — Posted in Enjoyment, Recipes, Tea Musings on February 7, 2014

Now that it is well into 2014, we’re long past due for another tea cocktail recipe. Today’s recipe involves three of the biggest trends in cocktails right now: tea cocktails (as mentioned in a previous blog), the use of fresh herbs, and using gin as the spirit. Enjoy! GREEN TEA BASI Read More

Tea with Nelson Mandela

by chris — Posted in News, Tea Musings on December 6, 2013

Yesterday, Nelson Mandela, who guided South Africa from the shackles of apartheid to a multi-racial democracy and became an icon of international peace and reconciliation, died at the age of 95. Throughout his life, he was known as many things:  a revolutionary, a prisoner, a philosopher, a pre Read More

Tea is Trending Hot for 2014

by chris — Posted in News, Tea Musings on December 5, 2013

According to the Nation’s Restaurant News, one of the leading trade publications in the industry, things are looking good for those who love tea: your are going to be seeing a lot more of it when you dine out next year. In their year-end list of “Hot restaurant menu trends for 2014, Read More

… And we’re back!

by chris — Posted in Tea Musings on December 4, 2013

You have probably noticed that I’ve been away for a while, and so all your thirst for tea-related knowledge has gone unquenched. For that, I apologize. For a while, we were having serious issues with the hosting of our blog, causing it to shut down whenever the urge took it (which was qui Read More

Tea Video: Mastering Masala Chai

by chris — Posted in Recipes, Video - Other on March 14, 2013

In case you ever want to do it the traditional way, here is a great tea video on how to make Masala Chai. For the black tea they employ in the video, I’d recommend our Assam Finest. Or, if you want to make the cheater version, skip all the spices and just use our Kama Chai Sutra! Enjoy:

Tea Video: Wash Away Your Worries (…With Tea)

by chris — Posted in Video - Other on February 7, 2013

Here’s a clever, if not slightly terrifying, tea commercial from Hungaria. It’s supposed to be promoting a calming tea, but after seeing this I don’t think all the Serenity in the world will let me get a good night’s sleep! What’s the scariest cup of tea you’ Read More

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